Can I use Labelview Labelling Software?

Labelview is the industry leader in label creation software. This incredibly popular program, now in its eighth release, is widely regarded as the best possible tool for barcode label creation and can even handle RFID tags and other labelling needs. Anyone who relies upon barcode labels should familiarize himself or herself with Label view and consider adding it to their operation.



Labelview is specifically designed to integrate with virtually any existing system. It features wide-ranging printer support and the manufacturer provides a web-based application to make new additions and updates easy. Almost anyone currently using a computer-based labelling system will be able to use Labelview. However, there are a few minimum system requirements for use of the software.


One must be using an IBM compatible personal computer using Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows 200 (Service pack 4), Windows XP (Service Pack 2), Windows 2003 (Service pack 1), or Windows NT4 (Service pack 6), to run Labelview. Between 64 and 512 MB of RAM will be required, depending upon the operating system used.


Labelview necessitates the use of a VGA or superior monitor and requires a hard disk drive with at least 40 MB of available space. A CD-ROM drive is required, as well. As with most any software, one will need a parallel port, a mouse, and a serial port (if it is needed by the printer) in order to use the program.


The system requirements for the use of Labelview are not particularly stringent. One does not need to be using a new, top of the line system in order to create awesome barcode labels with the software. Consistent with its overall flexibility, Labelview is useable by most commonly encountered personal computers. If you wonder, “Can I use Labelview?” The answer is probably a resounding “yes.”








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