Labelview 8 Barcode and

Label Deisgn Software Innovations

Labelview has established itself as an industry leader in barcode labelling software. The perennially popular program always seems to offer innovations with each release. The newest version of Labelview is no exception. Consider these three exciting aspects of Labelview 8.


First, Labelview 8 offers an enhanced RFID interface. The program now supports the most frequently encountered RFID printers and tags. Making RFID labels has never been easier. Additionally, the program’s manufacturers have created a web-based application that allows users to add support for new tags and printers as they are introduced. The use of RFID labels is growing in a number of industries, and Labelview fully supports their simple and quick creation.


Second, Labelview offers an interesting and innovative wireless printing solution. A scaled down version of the program, Pocket Labelview, allows users to create labels using any Windows CE device. The application supports almost all printers and makes printing barcode labels “on the go” very easy. If you have ever needed just one replacement label in a pinch or a single unique label for a special situation, you will appreciate this powerful addition.


Third, Labelview has improved its already impressive approach to compliance labelling. Scalable compliance solutions are at the heart of the newest incarnation of the program. For instance, those who operate in the healthcare field will notice that Labelview will assist in producing labels consistent with rigorous HIPAA and 21 CFR (11) standards. Other industries will also find their labelling requirements supported by the program. If your labels fall short of standards, disaster can ensue. Labelview understands this and does everything possible to produce impressive and wholly compliant barcode labels.


Labelview continues to grow and improve with each update. The newest version of the software continues that tradition by delivering three interesting and innovative improvements.








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