Labelview - Barcode Software with all the Extras

Barcode software can be simple. The user inputs information and the printer spits out a barcode. Nothing too fancy about that! However, great barcode software can team up with a PC and a printer to do some great things. Labelview clearly illustrates that principle. The popular barcode software program offers a variety of special features that increase its value and utility considerably.


First, while many pieces of barcode software will support only a handful of the most popular printers, Labelview is fully compatible with literally hundreds of models. This allows for easy transition to the use of new barcode software and prevents many of the problems associated with programs that are less flexible. The program's manufacturer also offers a web-based application that insures compatibility with future printer options, as well.


Second, Labelview barcode software is designed with the rigorous requirements today's compliance labelling in mind. Instead of "flying blind" with respect to compliance, like many other barcode software products, Labelview provides users with a great deal of assistance in producing labels that will exceed even the strictest compliance guidelines.


Third, Labelview boasts a scaled-down version of the program for use with pocket PCs and compatible devices. By using Pocket Labelview, one can transform a pocket PC into a completely Labelview-compatible label generator for emergency and small-run use. This can be very helpful when unforeseen circumstances arise and the prospect of waiting for creation and delivery of a new label is unworkable.


Labelview is a solid piece of barcode software that carries all of the bells and whistles. The three "extras" listed here only scratch the surface of the full-featured program's many bonus functions and helpful features. Anyone looking for barcode software than can handle almost any job should take a long, hard look at Labelview.








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