Labelview Barcode Printing

and Label Design Software Handles RFID Tags

The newest incarnation of the perennially popular barcode creation software, Labelview, also supports the simple creation of RFID tags. As RFID tags increase in use, Labelview’s ability to produce fully compliant tags will undoubtedly contribute to its wider use. Many currently believe that creating their own RFID tags will demand too much of a time and monetary investment and that label creation will be costly and problematic. Labelview dispels many of these concerns.


The manufacturer of Labelview, has created a very easy to use solution for RFID label design. The simply user interface makes label creation no more difficult than using a word processor. One does not need to be a labelling specialist to create the right tags for his or her products.


Additionally, Labelview 8 is incredibly flexible with respect to RFID label creation. It supports high frequency (HF) and ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID tags. The software allows read-writer printers to recognize and log data from the tags while printing, allowing one to store all label information quickly and easily.


Labelview also integrates nicely with virtually any system, making transition a snap. The software is designed to be compatible with virtually every imaginable printer and supports a vast array of RFI tag types. That ability to adjust to any user’s particular needs is underlined by the creation of a web-based application that will allows users to integrate new tag types and to support additional printers whenever they are introduced.


The idea of creating RFID tags in house can be intimidating for many companies. Labelview 8 makes what was once a daunting task quite manageable. By combining a user-friendly interface with unrivalled versatility and flexibility, Labelview allows anyone to turn out hassle-free and fully compliant RFID tags. The program’s ability to mesh with any existing system makes it even more attractive.








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