Labelview upgrades at the top of the game

Labelview upgrades have kept this label-making program at the top of the game. This popular program lets users make barcode labels for all sorts of products, while being simple enough for a home PC user. The Windows-only program offers a variety of Labelview types to accommodate the sundry needs and pocketbooks of various users.


Each Labelview upgrade adds some new function, though not always to all editions of the product. Labelview's creators advertise easy use, and they facilitate that promise in multiple ways. The program includes numerous printer drivers, formats for a myriad of different barcode types, multiple data exportation options and what they advertise as an easy-to-use user interface. The new Labelview upgrade, version 8, has a new appearance reminiscent of Microsoft Word. In fact, that it's no harder to use than your word processor is part of Labelview's selling spiel.


Unlike companies that say they want to make things easy for their customers but have no idea what that means in practicality, even Etiquette's website is easy to navigate, and they offer a Labelview upgrade guide in PDF format. Their product comes in 3 main editions. Basic, Pro and Gold and they have a few cheaper print-only variants that can't modify labels. Licenses for different network sizes also cost different amounts.


All program editions offer multilingual support in 18 languages, but each edition is definitely oriented to a different type of user: the Basic to the limited user, the Pro to small businesses and the Gold to larger businesses. Users of earlier editions can buy Labelview upgrades at a lesser price, though the upgrade offer will not continue indefinitely. With Labelview version 8 adding many new printer drivers and the ability to generate RFID labels along with the newly redesigned user interface, a Labelview upgrade might be in order for businesses.








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