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Almost everyone involved in barcode or RFID labelling is familiar with Labelview. The popular software is longstanding favourite among the labelling crowd and features innovations with every release. Now, the manufacturer of Labelview, offers a scaled-down version of the labelling tool for use with pocket Pcs and other compatible hardware. It is a long-awaited solution to a frequently encountered challenge.


The program is referred to as Pocket Labelview and is described as “wireless barcode label printing software.” The program promises to be an easy-to-use application allowing one to download labels created in Labelview to a pocket PC and to print them at will using either a wireless or direct connection. It is designed as a compliment the powerful Labelview program and brings some of that program’s muscle into the field in portable form.


Pocket Labelview is able to grab data from multiple sources and offers the massive printer support that has contributed to Labelview’s success. Although there are other available portable labelling software solutions, none has the support or flexibility boasted by Pocket Labelview. The program is, after all, completely compatible with Labelview and is backed by the knowledgeable support crew at Etiquette.


Many of us have faced the challenge of having immediate small-volume labelling needs but no way to take care of them on the spot. Pocket Labelview solves that problem. For those needing immediate results, the combination of a pocket PC, Pocket Labelview, and a portable label printer can transform any designated employee into a walking labelling solution. The increased productivity potential is obvious.


If you have found yourself occasionally lamenting the lack of a fast small-volume barcode labeling solution for “on the fly” needs, an investment in the new Pocket Labelview makes great sense. This easy to use software is as impressive and reliable as its name would suggest.








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