The latest Labelview upgrade

Labelview 8.0 is the latest Labelview upgrade of this powerful label design software.


The Labelview upgrade delivers new functionality, drivers, RFID label printing, UCC/EAN composite and UCC/EAN-128 Coupon extended barcodes, SQL Query Builder and a brand new interface. Labelview 8 supports over 30 barcode symbologies, TrueType fonts, and more than 1000 thermal and laser printers.


The Labelview upgrade involves upgrading hardware key software license to a keyless software license. Before beginning the key upgrade procedure you should back-up all of your label files, and uninstall the previous version of the TEKLYNX software.


To migrate your license and complete the upgrade you need to install the new TEKLYNX software that you bought BEFORE installing the key upgrade software. Your new TEKLYNX software will run for 30 days without the need to activate it. You should test the new version of software using a copy (not the back-up copy) of your label templates before continuing.


When you are ready to activate the new software and finish the Labelview upgrade, you should first remove the hardware key of the previous version from your computer. Then insert the Key Migration Tool CD into the CD-ROM drive, or you can download the software.


The Key Migration Tool wizard appears, and you should follow the instructions on the screen. After installation is complete, reattach the hardware key to the PC. Then go to Start > Programs > Key Migration Tool to start the Key Migration process. You will need the Upgrade Code included in your upgrade package. After process completion, you will receive an Activation Code.


Enter your upgrade code and click Next. The product name and edition will appear, which you should confirm as correct, and when asked, click Yes to erasing the hardware key. Print out the new keyless software license activation code that appears. Then run the new software and activate it using your Activation Code. Your Labelview upgrade is now complete. For further information refer to the TEKLYNX software documentation.








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