What is Labelview Barcode and

Label Design Software?

Labelview is a program that allows users to create barcode labels from their PC. The software is designed for maximum flexibility and provides a number of unique features. The program is widely used and every new release attracts more users.


Labelview can produce labels of all sorts. It does a great job of handling basic barcode label needs, but can also churn out compliance labels to match even the most rigorous standards. The newest version of Labelview is also capable of generating RFID labels. In essence, Labelview is capable of producing the right labels for almost any job.


The power of Labelview is rivalled only by its ease of use. The program features a very intuitive user interface that will allow anyone to start creating perfect labels within minutes. Imagine designing a label with a program as friendly as your word processor--that is Labelview. Even though it is easy to use, Labelview is not a featureless application for newbies. It is full-featured and retains popularity with even among highly experienced users with exacting standards.


Labelview supports nearly three dozen distinct barcode symbologies and can produce labels using any True Type font. Additionally, the software supports well over one hundred laser and thermal printer options. This amazing flexibility allows for easy integration in virtually any labelling operation. This means that many of those who may have felt “locked in” to an inferior piece of labelling software can easily transition to Labelview.


If you need to produce your own barcode or RFID labels, Labelview is a must-have. This easy to use program can handle anyone’s labelling needs. It is recognized as an industry leader for a reason! With Labelview, anyone can produce perfect labels at will








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